Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pippin is a Sagittarian

  So, the quarter-life crisis is now in full swing. NHB. No Holding Back. It's that time in every young person's life, well, maybe just my life, that the person looks at their life and says, "What the hell am I doing?" No? You didn't do that? Well, that's just great. Because I do it almost every day. I think, was this the life I was supposed to lead? Is this life maybe too much for me to handle? it not enough for me to handle? (Raise of the eyebrow...which I can't even do, by the way)
  I like the sound of the latter better, which is why I have decided to rename myself Pippin. Or, no, Pippa. I would love for people to take pictures of my ass and tell me that it stole the show at the royal wedding. Anyways, what I'm saying is that in the musical Pippin, the title character is a young boy that is searching for total and utter fulfillment in his life. He is seeking the extraordinary life, where as right now nothing is ever fulfilling enough for him. 
  Now I, Pippa, happen to be a Sagittarian, not to be confused with a vegetarian. After some very excruciating research compliments of my Google search bar, I have found that Sagittarians believe that anything they want to achieve is possible and that we loons set our sights on something unachievable. We're described as wanting to be constantly moving from location to location, always wanting to explore the unknown, nothing can hold us down. Basically, we're pointing our sassy crossbow in the direction of our highest aspiration and will do anything to make sure that that arrow goes straight through (insert aspiration here, in my case Broadway's cold and evil heart), successfully slaying the beast and hanging her above my fireplace!
  So, I am Pippin. Pippin is me. Therefore, I am Pippa and am currently dating Prince Harry according to InTouch Magazine. Yes, I want Broadway so badly that it literally makes me cry to even think about it. It is my highest aspiration, my unknown, where I've been aiming my crossbow for the past twenty-four years. 
  But then I think, what if the arrow lands somewhere else? Somewhere beyond 10th avenue and I can't even find where the damn thing went?! It may have even caught a breeze and crossed the Hudson! That leads me to believe that secretly I may want so much more than just my name in a playbill. Something extraordinary, if you will. I don't know if just one arrow is fulfilling enough for me. I spend so much of my precious time on this Earth with just that one arrow aimed out of my 97th street apartment window and I'm not even sure if I'm aiming it in the right direction!
  The part of this story that scares me the most is that unlike Pippin, I don't have a leading player, someone giving me the costumes and the props to get me to the right places and to meet the right people. But where are the right places and who are the right people? I don't think any of us will ever know the answer to that question, and if you do, you're fierce.

  The part of this story that doesn't scare me at all is that like Pippin, I am extraordinary and I will do extraordinary things. Pippa, the Extraordinary Girl.

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